Blechman Foundation Supports Gathering of World’s Top PD Researchers

Blechman Foundation Announces Grant to Prestigious Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on PD

The Blechman Foundation is pleased to announce its latest grant to the prestigious Gordon Research Conference and Seminar (GRC) on Parkinson’s disease (PD), scheduled for June 25-30, 2017 in Newry, Maine.

The GRC provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of frontier research in the biological, chemical, and physical sciences, and their related technologies, with a focus on PD. The GRC is regarded in scientific circles as the world’s premier scientific meeting for the advancement of frontier PD research.

The Blechman Foundation is proud to support the GRC as the incubator of the next game-changing neuroprotective discovery for PD.

Once every two years, leading scientists from around the world meet at a remote site to share ideas and new, unpublished results from pioneering research projects. The conference attracts outstanding scientists from academia, industry, and government, including Nobel laureates. Attendees must apply to and be selected by GRC leadership; attendance is limited to 200 people.

The unique format of the GRC is designed to maximize productive interaction and discussion among scientists. The meeting is purposely held at a small, non-urban, and fairly isolated location to minimize distractions. Only unpublished research at the absolute frontier of knowledge is presented, with an emphasis on extended discussion and the exchange of ideas. These discussions are officially off-the-record, with no abstracts or proceedings published before, during, or after the conference.

The Gordon Research Seminar, which will run in conjunction with the GRC, will bring together world-class scientists engaged in PD research, with a focus on translating this research to disease-modifying therapeutics.

Thanks to its generous supporters, the Blechman Foundation is proud to join the National Institutes of Health and a few other select organizations in sponsoring the 2017 Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on PD. For more information on the GRC, please click here.

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