Baseball and Parkinson’s disease

We are excited to announce that former major league baseball player Ben Petrick is supporting the Foundation’s efforts to fund neuroprotective research through promotions with MLB teams. Ben is among a few baseball players who have courageously and publicly acknowledged and discussed their PD. Ben’s life story is fantastic! The Colorado Rockies drafted Ben in 1995, and he joined the major league club in September 1999. Ben experienced his first symptoms of PD in the Fall 1999, and doctors diagnosed him with PD in May 2000. Remarkably, Ben continued to play four more big-league seasons for the Rockies and the Detroit Tigers, while largely keeping his diagnosis a secret. In 2000, he hit .322 with 3 home runs and 20 RBIs in 52 major league games.

In 2004, Ben retired from baseball and announced that he had PD. Ben underwent DBS, and today is married and a father of 3 children. He coaches baseball and remains a PD advocate. He also has written a book about his journey titled “Forty Thousand to One.” You can learn more about Ben and his book at

Ben Petrick Book Cover

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